Saturday, 19 July 2014

Gigha, Hebrides to Loch Aline, Scotland

Following on from my earlier post today about the problems at the very beginning of the day, the rest of the day went well. Although we were unable to reach Tobermory because of the delay, we opted instead for a lovely and rather small marina in Loch Aline on the other side of the Sound of Mull , ie the mainland. The passage was another 55nm, curtailed by stopping 12nm short of Tobermory, and featured high winds and good sailing, and a little motoring. The scenery is breathtaking and two photos are attached sailing up the Sound of Mull with castles, rocks, islands, lighthouses etc. providing a fascinating sea scape against the backdrop of distant mountains. The effect of changing sunlight and clouds on these is spectacular, and out of the considerable beauty we have seen so far on this circumnavigation, this has to be one of the high points.

Tomorrow, we intend to slip from Loch Aline around 0700, call in at Tobermory harbour on Mull for fuel, then off to go round Ardnamurchan point. This is a significant tidal gateway and its heavy seas and dangerous conditions have created some fame. Once one has rounded Ardnamurchan point, where several flows of sea all converge, the boat earns the right to wear a sprig of heather on its bows. If we are succesful tomorrow, we shall of course have two sprigs. 

We are aiming to spend tomorrow evening at anchor in Isle Ornsay while we wait for the next tidal gateway Kyle Leakin the following day.

Supper was at the rather small Loch Aline hotel, where  we were one of the very few customers, and we enjoyed the walk of around a mile admiring more scenery along the way.

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