Sailing with a DVT

And now, something only of interest to people with Deep Vein Thrombosis and who are using warfarin!

In December 2013 I had a severe knee injury while skiing, followed a month later by a femoral DVT. The usual self administered injections and a six month course of warfarin followed. The six-month course has just been extended to 7 months to coincide with my safe return from the circumnavigation. Not the best start to 2014!

I shall be using a Coaguchek handheld monitor to measure my INR levels so that West Suffolk hospital can advise me of any dosage changes. All conversations by 'phone and Coast Guard VHF radio.

Why am I writing all this? Several of the excellent medics at West Suffolk who did such a good job caring for me, suggested I should write a blog about 'sailing on warfarin' to encourage people who felt they could no longer maintain an active lifestyle as a result of their treatment.

So, if I who have had a severe knee injury and a DVT can be confident enough to start a circumnavigation of Britain mid treatment, and using a Coaguchek handheld monitor, then I hope that my rather minor story might encourage you too. 

Warfarin treatment and DVTs are limiting, tiring and a nuisance but they should not cause a sense of withdrawing from the active world. 

Seize the day! 

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