Where are we now?

Alexandria is equipped with an AIS transmit system which communicates directly with other ships' navigation computers to help avoid collision at sea.. That data is picked up by land based scanners or sent off by satellite from the ship in question and gets logged onto a website called www.marinetraffic.com  This is a website which monitors the movement and current details of most large ships all over the world in considerable detail and shows where we are too.

It also shows our history, speed, course etc., and you can see all the current and historic data by clicking on http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/235093768

This is especially useful for joining crew and is reassuring for their families. However, if there is no signal at all, it does not mean that we have sunk! Rather, we are likely to be out of range of big ships or land based scanner enthusiasts, so don't worry.

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