Saturday, 19 July 2014

Loch Aline to Tobermory, Mull

Good morning. For those of you who spent a restless night worrying if the mainsail would continue its state of disobedience and mutiny from yesterday, rest assured that all is well. No more problems, indeed no more wind. 

We left Loch Aline today under one engine with a fair tide that whisked us up the sound of Mull between mountains, hills and last castles and into Tobermory, Island of a Mull, for refuelling. The harbour is lovely, photo attached. Spit the Balamorey backdrop. We will be rounding the famously challenging Ardnamurchan Point in half an hour which is not expected to be difficult given the sea state and assuming we do so, we shall have the right to wear a sprig of heather on the bows to signify that we have completed the challenge. We are flying a Scottish house flag (please don't post comments) from our port spreader as a nod to our Scottish friends who currently remain part of the United Kingdom so no courtesy flag on our senior starboard spreader is yet necessary. There is quite a lot of confusion and presumption about what to do it seems. The sprig of heather will be much more interesting, however.  

We have decided to divert very slightly to the island of Eigg for lunch at anchor, then on to Isle Ornsay, Skye. We are making cracking progress and having great fun. We could do with a but more wind than at present having had too much yesterday! David very generously bought large amounts of food as we may be on our own quite soon where AC power, fuel and water let alone fresh fruit and tea are all at a premium. 

More later. 

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