Wednesday, 25 June 2014


We have arrived in Wexford after an extraordinarily tricky piloting into Wexford Harbour following a long passage across the normally rough Irish Sea.Wexford has depths of 0.7m under the keel at high tide which meant a long and very focused 4 mile meandering approach according to a chart delivered by Internet a few minutes before we got there... From the tennis club! We were raced to the safe water buoy by a French yacht who was long on style and perhaps short on preparation, and who suddenly slowed to follow us in, and then stopped completely, hopefully before they went aground. We are the only yacht here and something of a curiosity, no wonder, the tidal range at Wexford is a mere 1.0m ranging from horrible to suicidal and so we had a great sense of achievement when we finally got here. No passports or formalities required in fact, no body has noticed yet our existence, notwithstanding our prominent position in the middle of the town quay. A bizarre sight was the local train very slowly driving along next to us what looked like the road, and we wondered if he too was lost and worrying about depth.

A great day, demonstrating the advantages of having skilled people who act as a tight team aboard. I would not have wanted to do this entry with too many others.

Photo of Alexandria in Wexfird harbour attached. Note the 10 different fenders, ropes, buoys, flat fenders and tyres required to keep her good looks intact.

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