Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Spinnaker sailing in the Irish Sea.

We shall be in Irish territory at 1230 and have our Irish tricolour courtesy flag ready to fly. Meanwhile a little more spinnaker flying, and Alastair and I have repaired the snuffer with some sailing materials he brought with him. A good job done.  

We are looking forward to Wexfordwhich promise miles if golden beaches and is where 'Saving Private Ryan' was filmed.  There is a complicated maths calculation involving the balance between the course we have set to cross a TSS ( the equivalent of a motorway) at a certain point, the gentle wind going one way and the harsh tide tearing up and down the Irish Coast. We think we have the answer, but time will tell as there are a lot of variables to consider. 

We saw some puffins today, comical birds that seem ill suited to flight, but are actually quite good at it. While on the look out for big ships, we are hoping to see a whale, which would be very exciting. Wexford in six and a half hours. 


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