Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rounding Lands End

Good morning to all at this sunny morning. Sufficiently warm out at sea that I have actually taken off my jumper. Sailing in shirtsleeves and life jacket. 

We are 0.75nm off Runnel Stone, a huge rock off Lands End and the point at which we shape a course  back NE towards Padstow. We have turned the corner!

The pilot books talk of keeping 5nm distance from Runnel Stone, but in the calm conditions boldness prevailed. Notwithstanding, those same calm conditions, one could still see breaking waves not so far away. As the tidal race moves around and so can catch us up, we have a Escape Plan B just in case. And C. If it gets to the need for Escape Plan D, then it's really not a good day and best to go back to bed.

The chart is full of jagged coves and headlands with names like Dr Syntax Head, Dr Johnson Head etc, all of which look inhospitable. Arriving at Padstein this evening is a much better bet.

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