Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland to Carlingford Lough

Good morning! 

Yesterday was R &R in Dublin. Mark kept meeting old sailing cronies from his clipper challenge, and we went aboard the 2041 British Steel challenge yacht which was very interesting, as was her crew. A very pleasant day in Dublin, quite valued after the recent continuos activity.  

We are very pleased to welcome Graeme to our crew where he joined at Dun Laoghair , so we are four POB today before Alastair and Mark leave tomorrow from Carlingford marina by complicated land route to their airport. Note the revised itinerary instead of Isle of Nam which we shall visit shortly, to accommodate crew changes and to reflect our good progress. 

Carlingford Lough is a very beautiful loch on the border of a Ireland and Northern Ireland whose borders go down the middle. Since we fly an Irish tricolour courtesy flag when in Irish waters, it raises the prospect of switching our Irish tricolour flying on the senior starboard signal halyard and RCIYC burgee on the port one as convention dictates, to no tricolour and RCIYC burgee back on its usual starboard halyard when we return to British waters...every time we tack! 

We have left at 0730 as planned and are currently motoring for 20 minutes in a lumpy sea before we can sail. 

Breakfast in a moment. 

ETA Carlingford 1700.

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