Sunday, 29 June 2014

Carlingford Lough

We left Dun Laohaire, Ireland this morning and arrived at Carlingford Lough at 1840 this evening. The passage was marred by either insufficient wind or wind from the wrong direction although we did sail quite well for a few hours. There was an omnipresent short, sharp, steep and sometimes very uncomfortable wave pattern which meant we made poor progress and our journey time was slower. A combination of lumpy seas, a wind which was too  close for easy  sailing, small islands inour way and fluky winds, all made for a scrappy day sailing, and we motored the last hour to the mounth of the Lough.

The sailing pilot books speak of huge boiling seas as the ebb meets the outer sea so entering is impractical. However, we felt that the wind  was not very strong, and the tide though still ebbing, was not at full power, so we came in from the sea an hour before low water. it was quite rough and we were very careful, but nonetheless we could see one other yacht's attempts which were not succesful. The effort of the day was rewarded by our entry into Carlingford, and now I understated why so many people want to visit this stupendous beautiful scenery. High hills passing down to the sea, steep wooded valleys, all mean this small area of outstanding natural beauty would be visited by the hordes, though not today.

We are berthed at the small Carlingford marina and had supper at the Carlingford sailing club, both of   which are very,  welcoming.

Tomorrow we say good bye to Mark and Alastair which will be a sadness ss I have enjoyed their company very much . Graeme and I will continue on to Strangford Lough where I can pick up Andy tomorrow evening.

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