Monday, 23 June 2014

And now some messages for our friends abroad...

WSH: INR 2.4 All well. Pease confirm receipt 

Graeme: looks like you will need some Euros. 

A blog visitor from Chile: thank you for the detailed distinction between dolphins and porpoises. Very informative. 

A blog visitor from US: they speak Welsh in Wales and English. In Ireland they speak English and some Gaelic. In Scotland they speak English. In Isle of Man they speak English..,On board Alexandria we sometimes speak gibberish. Guernsey is in the Channel Islands, (where they speak English and some old Norman French). Tower Bridge is in London, distinct from old London Bridge which is relocated to Arizona, I think. 

For the 3000 people who have visited the blog from all over the World: thank you for doing so. Questions are welcome, as are pleasant comments. 

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