Monday, 23 June 2014

Breakfast at anchor off Padstow


  1. It was just to the right of your photo that I had my first experience of quicksand. Very scary stuff!!
    Raise a glass as you go past Port Isaac (We will be there in 4 months for a week yippee!!). I well remember those huge swells, we called them 'ground sea', always seemed to be there even on the calmest day.
    Great to get your updates. So envious!!!
    You have inspired me and I spent yesterday ripping out the inside of my little 'Austral 20' changing her from two berth
    to one birth and putting in a seat and a more comfortable 'porta pottie'. Lots of work to do wish I wasn't so busy!!
    Kathy has gone to Robe for two days with her cousin Margaret. They are buying material for Margaret's quilting!!
    Weather is filthy here with 45 Knot winds and torrential rain.
    All the best Jeff

  2. Great Pictures! Wishing you good winds! Svend

  3. Great pictures! Wishing you good winds!