Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Arbroath to Port Edgar edinburgh

Two witty and erudite informative posts, crafted in the small hours are missing. Vaporised into the ether. Has anyone got them?

We are at the Forth bridge . One photo attached. Deeply unpleasant passage here, 25 knots, on the nose, large waves down the whole of the Forth into Edinburgh, so five hours of crashing  and thrashing around.

Today, we are off to Eyemouth and have been joined by Matthew who arrived fresh as a daisy yesterday evening while Mark W and I looked no doubt past our sell by date! I am hopeful that with wind and tide behind us, we should have the opposite of yesterday's horrible slog, although we did have three hours of quite fast sailing close on the fresh wind as we came round the coast from Arbroath where we had stayed to Fifeness lighthouse.

So, let's try this blog entry. Is there anybody out there...?

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