Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Studland Bay to Portland

Arrived Portland 19:30 after a wonderful hour playing with the Spinnaker outside the entrance. As this is my last night aboard, and I'm a non-sailer Martin has asked me (Tony) to post some thoughts. 
I'd like to be the first person on here to say a massive thank you to Martin for introducing me to coastal sailing and being such a wonderful, generous and patient host.
I've gone from the turmoil of sea sickness on Monday to the joy of basking in shorts and watching the spinnaker leap into life.
Today we watched Royal Marines jump out of planes into the sea, then conducted our own raiding party on the Studland Stores, bribed the locals with chocolate eclairs to guard our possessions, spent half an hour mooring to a bouy! and eased into Portland Harbour with the sun dropping and glinting on the water (picture attached), a perfect end to an amazing 3 days. Again Martin thank you so much!

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  1. All of us joiners owe you a vote of thanks Tony - you kept him and Alexandria in one piece (or two if we are pedantic). Anyway thank you. All looks so idyllic. The spinnaker looked amazing - find memories come back of feeling the tug as she leaps forward as it catches the wind.