Saturday, 21 June 2014

St Michaels Mount

We arrived at 1300 after a fantastic sail. Too little wind around the Lizard, then a good F5 for the last two hours. We needed to reef the gennaker, then move to a full genoa, but the boat flew along, When we reached Penzance bay, the lock had just closed so we tried to pick up a buoy just off the castle harbour wall. We are short crewed however, and just the two if us was not enough to be able to pick up the buoy and communicate and manoeuvre all in a howling wind. We abandoned that and anchored instead while we await Mark's arrival and collect him by tender from within the castle,s tiny harbour. We will then hopefully move to Newlin where we can sleep more easily. While we recover from the excitement of getting here, we are at anchor in a bay with only one other boat, and the backdrop is stunning (photo attached).

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