Saturday, 9 August 2014

Thoughts from Andrew - the last day back into Shotley

My sail from Scarborough to Shotley was as diverse as the accents in each harbour. But for peace and tranquility, nothing will beat the last day gliding along steadily on a calm sea (its amazing how it can change) with more seals than lobster pots to avoid, it was paradise.  As the towns and day passed by, being only on my fourth day I was ready to sail on past Alexandria’s berth to who knows where, but we both had commitments and more importantly so did Alexandria as when we arrived at the gates to the marina there was a welcoming committee, together with a crowd curious to see what all the fuss was about. As Martin’s confidence had grown in my helming skills, I had been allowed to take us nearer and nearer to our final destination each evening. But with only 50cm (!!!!) to spare each side, yes, Alexandria does fit in the marina lock but and with cameras pointing it was easy to visualise many other scenarios. Frankly I was very pleased Martin was at the helm this time and not me!

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