Friday, 25 July 2014

Tomorrow. Orkney to Peterhead.

A quick update for tomorrow, 26th July. 

A change in crew capacity necessitates some changes. Vincent, Leslie and I will depart the Orkneys tomorrow 0600, subject to fog, and pass through the Pentland Firth tidal race at an optimal time, then pass Wick where we were intending to stay. However, we shall push on into the night to Peterhead, arriving at Peterhead Marina all being well at around 2300 26jul14, a 17 hour crossing of the Moray Firth. This will allow Leslie to leave from Peterhead on schedule and Vincent to leave a day early, both leaving the boat at 0800 Sunday, 27jul14. I will not continue alone, rather, I shall rest and await the arrival of Mark W who will join me at Peterhead marina on Sunday afternoon.

The big risk tomorrow will be fog patches, turning into fog banks. Although we have radar, AIS etc, we may need to delay our departure from the Orkneys by up to three hours, beyond which our tidal gate on the Pentalnd Furth will have closed and we will divert to Wick. Peterhead are expecting us up to 0300 a.m. Sunday. Wick are a default and are expecting us up to 1800 tomorrow. Let's hope for fog patches rather than fog banks.

Today we had a day of R&R, and travelled to see Scara Brae the remains of a 4500 year old Neolithic village, older than the pyramids of Giza, and the nearby manor house, both of which were fascinating. Highly recommended. Then back to the boat to do passage planning, admin etc., and a very good meal at the Stromness hotel. It is Stromness week where the locals let there hair down and have fun. Our taxi driver was very enthusiastic at the prospects of three legged racing men bedecked in orange and pink  ballerina outfits. We declined to create more excitement by entering the event, representing England.

I am hugely grateful to both Vincent and Leslie for the massive investment they have made in this circumnavigation, as both of them will have been on board for over 10 days, a massive and generous commitment of expertise and friendship, especially given their extensive workloads and commitments. Thank you. 

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