Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday. Change to schedule esp. re CREW CHANGE

So, we were set to tackle the Kyle Rhea narrows this morning and were ready to leave and enter them at HW Dover + I hour 40 when the tide turns North.

However, we are making such good progress, I want to  'spend' some of the time we have banked, albeit that we have a potentially difficult and troublesome sector ahead of us as we go ever Northwards and round Cape Wrath at the furthest NW part of Scotland, then on to the Orkneys. Spending a day enjoying ourselves might be reckless, but here is the plan.

It is right now quite foggy, very wet and chilly, and we have just left Isle Orsay aided by radar. We have decided NOT to continue another 65 miles to Loch Ewe as planned by this evening and another 60 odd tomorrow to effect. Crew change with David and Leslie tomorrow evening.

Instead we are retracing our track, expecting the weather to improve, a forecast SW or S wind to come, and we shall pass down the East coast of Skye, past Eigg, past the mountains of the Isle of Rhum, and onto the small island of Canna, ETA 1330. Lunch, walking, eagles, shags, puffins, razorbills, black guillemots, basking sharks and seals are all promised. I am reading up on them as we approach, as my working knowledge of birds is limited to pheasants and partridges during the season... (Please don't post comments!).

From Canna, we intend to make for Loch Harport, Skye, where the malt is distilled, although it will be closed when we arrive to sleep tonight, likely at anchor. 

Tomorrow will be a 50nm passage from Skye to LOCH EWE where we expect to meet Les, Aultbea Hotel is the only building around and crucially connected with a road for his hire car to park, then David will leave us the following morning in the same hire car. 

Our default in case of a problem is to stay on Skye for the handover, which of course is now connected to the mainland by a 23m high bridge. What could possibly go wrong?

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