Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Leaving Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland

The Strangford Narrows are described sometimes like a switch where tide hurtles in through the Narrows, then hurtles out again, meeting the sea in the outer channel with all the turbulence I have already described. There is a slack period, which does not feel very slack at all, but which is around 15 minutes between each of these great acts of theatre. Like all good intervals, it is best to do what you have to in them, and don't delay. What we had to do today was to leave Strangford which we duly did at 0900 in the 15 minute 'slack' interval and motored out in the direction of Peel, Isle of Man.

Photo attached showing the whirlpools as we passed. Note the depression as the water slopes downwards. 

Click on this video link to see how we did not want to exit!

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