Friday, 20 June 2014

So long to Salcombe

0600 this morning started with a brilliant blue sky, but is now clouding over. We had a quiet night moored on a floating pontoon in Salcombe estuary. Stunning location. A protected stretch of deep water once over the bar, and the village which offers everything you might reasonably need. As I sit drinking my tea in the cockpit, there are no other sounds apart from cows mooing on the hillside, a wood pigeon, fish sploshing around under the boat, a deer belling, and general aviary chit chat. Brilliant.

Today, we are off to Falmouth with a productive F3-4 Easterly wind promised, past the Eddystone lighthouse, and into the super yacht marina, a small boat amongst the grown ups. Pendennis were the only ones who would guarantee to take us. I anticipated arranging berthing for the trip would be a problem as, especially on the south coast, marinas generally don't accept reservations. However, as we are too wide simply to turn up and take pot luck, we are allowed a reserved space   a few days ahead. Thank you!!

As I speak, a launch has passed, so it must be rush hour in Salcombe. We need to  call the water taxi soon to get ashore so Les can have his cream tea breakfast, and I can have my croissant. ETA Falmouth 1800, after a leisurely start dep Salcombe 0930. Ish. 

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