Thursday, 19 June 2014


Beautiful, beautiful Salcombe. We are in Devon!! We arrived at 1730 after a long passage from Portland across the enormous expanse of Lyme Bay, but with virtually no wind, so motor sailed most of the way across a glassy sea. I had hoped to see the odd minky whale, humpback or dolphin. Maybe a seal. Perhaps a single fish, but sadly the only item of interest was a plastic bottle and a couple of belligerent gulls sitting 15 miles out from land.  Salcombe features well in the difficult  category because of the tricky very shallow bar at the entrance and by chance we low water! We are East coast sailors, however, so proudly came in with a full 1.6m beneath our keel...more than enough. The entrance is enchanting  with steeply wooded sides supporting mooing cows, and glorious houses. We are moored on a floating pontoon so needed the friendly water taxi to take us to an excellent supper. Photo of Salcombe attached. 

Tomorrow Les wants a cream tea breakfast, then we leave at 0930 for Falmouth. An Easterly wind is promised, which would be very helpful indeed. I am worrying about all this good weather and major progress we have had as, on the basis of mean reversion, we are surely  due a major change in fortunes quite soon! 

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