Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Safe arrival in Lymington at 1520

We arrived in Lymington at 1520 a few minutes after our tidal calculations, having left Ramsgate at 1800 yesterday evening. 

A cold night, a fantastic dawn, all safe and sound. We were remotely involved in a Mayday from another vessel coordinated by Shoream Coastguard but all is well.  Lots of fast sailing 10 knots at its park but mostly around 8 to 9, through the night, and some motor sailing when the wind slowed. All well and a fantastic but very long day. Off to bed now, departing for Portland marina tomorrow 0700 to catch the tide, via Studland Bay and the Needles. 


  1. Wow! Hadn't expected you to defeat the demons of dreaded Dungeness like that! Well played sir(s).

    Clearly the skipper is becoming quite talented - I now look forward to a very easy time as scurvy crew.

  2. Great work! Not the easiest of passages from Portsmouth to Lymington at the end of nearly 24 hrs sailing. Those pesky double high waters and lots of traffic.