Thursday, 19 June 2014

Portland Race

While leaving Portland harbour this morning, my terse post said I had much to do. On reflection, it was much ado! Very little wind and tides at neaps meant it was rekatively calm. I had left sufficient navigational room for error  and triple checked the maths and tide tables, much to Tony's amusement, that the Race was today at least a pussy cat. Even so, this infamous stretch of churning waster which moves around and is recognised as a danger to small ships let alone yachts, still clearly showed itself at a safe distance. You could definitely see the large breaking waves on the horizon, 3 miles away! Glad not to have been in it. Now on course for Salcombe ETA 1800. Just Les and me today, warm and sunny but a head on 5 knot wind, so after yesterday's spinnaker Fest, it is likely a day to motor. Time for cleaning. 

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