Monday, 30 June 2014

Portaferry, Strangford Lough

As we had two crew changes to make today, and tiredness was catching up, I thought we would spend the day mooching around Strangford Lough. Partly, we could not leave without going into the washing machine again. Which was not a particularly compelling idea. 

We said goodbye to Graeme in the early morning and were thankful for his support and expertise as always, and then welcomed at tea time Charles who had flown into Belfast earlier in the day. 

Andy and I went further into Strangford Lough to the end where there is a nice restaurant. To reach the restaurant on Sketrick Island, we needed to use the tender. All very easy, the tender was winched down from its davits and set to work. Andy had earlier snared a buoy, and we needed to attach a second safety line through the hoop so we could leave the boat. We had difficulty doing that sounded the tender. Photo attached. Then off we sped, using the little outboard motor in the direction of Daft Eddys, a recommended local watering hole. We had difficulty getting in at first and got trapped by the kelp which fouled the outboard and kept us from rowing off. After I cleared it away, we continued our way and landed at Daft Eddys, as recommended  and directed by some year 7children whose guidance we sought. 

When we arrived, I thought we might have strayed onto the film set of the Whiskey Galore film, but very friendly. Andy and I had a very tasty meal overlooking a Mediterranean Sea scape, an exceptional view. 

Charles joined us today, which we both felt was a blessing as three people on board is so much easier than two. 

An excellent meal at the Portaferry hotel. I am trying to complete this blog but I keep falling asleep, and am suddenly aware of how tired I am with all the unrelenting cumulative activity taking its toll. Having a break in Strangford Lough was a very good idea, although a dodgy pork pie might have had its revenge. Tired and washed out is not a good feeling, however convivial the company. 

Still, the show must go on, and tomorrow we will exit the Lough at 0900, just after the ebb, and hope any standing waves will not be too  bad. Then off across the Irish Sea to Peel, Isle of Man where as long as we reach the lock by Peel HW plus 2.5, then all should be well. 

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